Gerber Multi-tool In-depth Review

Gerber Multi-tool In-depth Review

Having a multi tool comes with a plethora of advantages. They are small and can be used for EDC. In fact, multi tools save you money on buying single use tools. If you have limited space and need an all-in-one tool kit for your daily needs, you'll need a multi tool.

There are a lot of multi tools in the market that doesn't meet up to user's standards. But, you can feel rest assured when using the Gerber Multitool. It's a medium sized tool that has enough durability and corrosion resistance to last for a long time.

Gerber Multi Plier 600

We invite you to read our review on this particular multi tool. We'll thoroughly discuss the pros and cons associated with the device. We'll even include a buyer's advice section to provide extra information we might've forgotten. By the end of this post, you'll have to decide if this tool suits your needs.

About The Product

The Gerber Multitool is an essential piece of equipment to any fisherman's toolbox. It consists of a bolt locking system which keeps the 14 tools locked in place and ready to use. You can find this device on Amazon at around $45.

One thing consumers noticed was the tool's reversible feature. For instance, if the wire cutters become dull or damaged, you can rotate it to a fresh side. If you're looking for a sturdy and powerful multi tool, then the Gerber Multitool is a safe investment.

Competing multi tools often have the issue of unstable and wobbly tools. However, that's not the case with the Gerber Multitool. The tool's locking system is excellent, and there's no play in the blade or the other utility tools when in use. The last thing you'll need is the tool accidentally cutting your hand when you're trying to open up a box.

  • 14 fully locking tools
  • One-handed opening needle pliers
  • Designed for heavy duty purposes
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

We also like the innovative way Gerber implemented the pliers on this device. Unlike the typical butterfly method, the pliers are deployed and slide out through pressing its lock on buttons. Alternatively, you can open it with a one-handed flick of the wrist. Because of this, the product gives users the ability to utilize their pliers with no hassle.

Working With Gerber MP600

The black oxide coating is another advantage regarding this multi tool. While it's only a micrometer thick, it's high in corrosion resistance. This enhanced durability gives your tool the ability to last longer than the competition. Thus, making it a great choice for camping and fishing aficionados.

Plus, users loved the ballistic nylon sheath that comes with the multi tool. Shoppers reported the sheath to be of high quality, rip proof, tough, and easy to open and close. The sheath does a great job at dispersing the weight of gear and is perfect for EDC and daily usage.

But, the black coating of the multi tool might leave residue on your hands after using it. And, the one-handed pliers will need a short "breaking in" period before it works properly. Take the time to get used to this multi tool to receive its full advantages.

The Gerber Multitool is a versatile device that comes in handy in virtually any situation. Each of the tools is fully functional and reliable. Buy this product if you want to be prepared for emergencies, install and remove screws, and have a tool that lasts up to 3 years.

Buying Advice

Multi tools are a serious investment that should not be taken lightly. Before you waste money on a multi tool that you don't need, take a look at this section. Here, we'll show you certain specs you should look for when shopping.

Multi Tool Quality

Quality is a major factor in deciding your first multi-tool. Your multi tool needs to be both lightweight and durable. A badly designed tool component detracts from the overall performance and usefulness of your multi tool.

Folded Gerber MP600

These standards apply for both the multi tool and its independent counterparts. First, inspect the multi tool's blade. The quality of the blades is a great indicator of the tool's overall quality. Select a versatile and durable blade design, and check for the quality of the steel being used.

High-quality steel is more expensive, but it reduces the need for re-sharpening and has a better edge retention. This is an important thing to consider for serrated blades that are hard to sharpen.

Tool Components

To some extent, the independent tool components depend on your personal preferences. For instance, a hunter needs a tool that has at least two blades, a screwdriver, wire cutters, and a pair of pliers.

The tool with the least amount of components is usually the best. But added features such as a toothpick and tweezers are okay as long as they don't add extra complexity or weight to the tool.

A ring or clip to tie a lanyard to is a great feature, since a multi tool that's dropped in mud, two feet of snow, or in a body of water, is a useless one.

Multitool's Construction

Lastly, the design of the multi tool includes some convenience and safety issues that go beyond quality. Multi-tools have multiple sizes, colors, and most importantly, combined designs. How a tool locks and unlocks is up to your personal preference, but each component must be able to lock.

Not all multi tools have locking mechanisms; the ones that don't might accidentally close on your finger. The consequences of a nasty cut are serious, especially for hunters. If a hunter is slightly injured while skinning a carcass, the blade might add extra infectious diseases onto the wound.

Gerber Multi Plier 600


That's why you need to get a multi tool that's designed for your safety. While you can pay for an inexpensive multi tool, you're putting yourself at risk. Make sure that your multi tool is constructed to suit you and help you complete your everyday tasks.

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with the Gerber Multitool. The tool is compact while still offering a high level of utility. By buying this utensil, you give increase your chances of survival during emergencies. Feel free to comment you have any questions or experience using this product.

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